01. Hello There!

I appreciate your interest! My name is Krystof and I am a wedding Filmmaker. It will be a great honor for me if you put so much trust in me and choose me as your wedding videographer. 

For me It’s not just about cool videos. It’s about using my 10 years of real wedding experience to provide guidance, reassurance and advice. It’s about being someone who you really want to spend time with on your wedding day.

02. just getting started

We are just at the very beginning of our possible cooperation. I am very glad that you contacted me out of such a large number of suppliers.

If you have already checked the availability of your wedding date and everything worked out, now you need to choose one of the wedding packages that you can find below. If you would like to advise on the selection, we can call each other via Google Meet. You can tell me about your wedding day, and I can tell you about filming process.

03. Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding, I arrive around the morning preparations. I work very discreetly. Whether the wedding is more formal or informal, I am always dressed as one of your guests.

I don’t draw attention to myself, I don’t stand out from the crowd, I’m one of you. So I can film every smile, kiss or dance creation without being noticed, without disturbing the wedding guests with my camera in any way. So everyone can enjoy a moment when they are truly themselves.

Clip (1600 eur)

  • Highlight Clip (5-7 min)
  • Teaser (1 min)
  • All-day filming (12 hours)
  • Premium online gallery
  • Transfer in Czech Republic included

Film (500 eur)

  • Documentary Film (20 min)
  • Extension to a highlight clip
  • You can order Documentary Film later as well
  • Transfer in Czech Republic included

Ceremony (300 EUR)

  • Whole ceremony film (20-40 min)
  • Extension to a highlight clip
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Shipping included (CZ)

Raw Footage (250 EUR)

  • We can provide you all material
  • Extension to a shorter clip
  • We will provide you all the footage via a download link

info@krystofprsala.czIf you feel any kind of connection with our work we’d love to chat. If we’re lucky enough to join you, we want to shoot your wedding from the inside. Laugh with your friends, drink with your loved ones. It’s the only way we can give you truly authentic results.

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